5 little known things to consider before choosing a weight loss program to ensure permanent success

Starting a weight loss journey is exciting- but knowing which program to follow is nerve wracking. Choosing the wrong program for you can cost you money, time and, most importantly, long-term weight loss results.

Don’t worry we have been there and many of our customers have been there too. In this article, you’ll learn the 5 little known-things to consider before choosing a weight loss program that will actually give you the results you so much desire.

1. Support:

Research has shown that the number one tool for successful weight loss is a system of support. This can be friends, family or even complete strangers (like a program community) that will keep you accountable and motivated when things get rough.

When choosing a weight loss program, ask,  “What kind of support do they offer?”.  Make sure the following is available to you:

  • Trained coaches to answer and help at any step of the process.
  • Different channels of communication like email, phone calls, social media, Facebook messenger, meetings, etc
  • A large customer community where you can meet and talk with others that are going through the same journey as you are. I prefer an online community where people can keep anonymity if they wish and have access to the community whenever needed.

2.What’s involved?

 Always ask the following questions so you can know the ins and outs of the program.
  • What foods or type of ingredients are allowed on the program?  What will I be eating during the program?
  • What does a day in the program look like?
  • Will I have to incorporate pills, drops, etc., into my daily routine during the program?  What are the ingredients?
  • Will I need to exercise?

3. Ensuring long-term success:

It doesn’t matter how amazing and effective a weight loss program is if it doesn’t  provide the tools and knowledge on how to keep your new weight in long-term. Let’s be frank. Nobody wants to live their life counting points, counting calories, and restricting themselves. We all want to enjoy good foods and enjoy great moments with friends and family (and those usually involve food) without the fear of gaining all that weight back and more.

After finding out what you need to do during the weight loss portion of the program and what support they provide, ask, “What will happen next?” How am I going to make sure that this new body will stay this way?” The answer should involve the following:

  • A system to gradually reintroduce foods like healthy fats, carbs and even sugars, in a specific way and in a specific period of time after your weight loss session is finished.
  • Your new program should teach you how  to identify your body’s reaction to certain foods that will give you the knowledge and understanding of how much you can eat without affecting your new weight.
  • A well-structured program will teach you how to change your behavior and relationship with food so healthy eating habits will develop and you can enjoy all the fun foods in a balanced way.

4.  Flexibility:

No two people live the same life. Some are busy with work, some with children, some with school, etc. We all have a different compass that determines the rhythm of our lives. An effective weight loss program should allow you to find a rhythm that goes with your life. Make sure the program will not require you to completely change every single habit for the rest of your life to be successful (that’s why it is important to know item number one in this list). Yes, any weight loss program will require some changes, sacrifices, and modifications, but these shouldn’t feel like a superhuman task. Make sure to know:

  • Are the ingredients on the program easy to find, or do I have to eat specialized foods?
  • What if I have to eat out, will the program tell me what I need to do?
  • Are the meals family friendly? Or will I have to prepare separate foods for my family?
  • Is there an emergency plan if, for some reason, I have to stop that will prevent me from losing all the progress I have accomplished so far?

5. Credibility:

There are so many programs out there that it can be overwhelming to know which ones are a true program and which one are fad diets.

  • Before and afters of real people
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews in different places like Facebook, BBB, their website, etc.
  • A big customer community where you can talk and ask questions to real people.
  • Sponsorships like tv and/or radio personalities that have tried the program. Personalities will usually want to take care of their following and will not promote something that will reduce their credibility.

You now have possession of the main 5 things you need to research and find a well-structured weight loss program that will ensure long lasting results. Understanding how all 5 things work together will give you the highest lbs and inches lost in the shortest period of time. It will also ensure that once you finish you have all the knowledge and tools to live a life where you can maintain this new weight and not feel deprived.


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