The YP10 Difference:

Stabilizing new weight after weight loss

Losing weight can be very exciting- but it can be a double-edged sword if you don’t understand how to stabilize your new lower weight. Over 90% of people who start a weight loss program end up gaining all the weight back and sometimes even more.


But don’t worry, there is a way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you! In this article you will learn how SlimMe1 customers who use The YP10 System stabilize their new weight to ensure permanent results without living a life of fear and deprivation.

The YP10 Weight Loss System

Not only do you start losing inches throughout your body but also break caffeine and sugar dependency. During the fat burning stage, you’ll cleanse your palate and appreciate the true taste of healthy foods. Your body will crave lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. A new relationship with food is achieved.  

Stabilizing your new weight

The main reason most weight loss program don’t work is due to the fact that after achieving weight loss, individuals are not guided into learning how to stabilize their new weight.

Without knowing how to re-introduce new foods, adequate portions with the correct frequency, the body enters a stage of shock and starts packing on unwanted fat once again.

Individuals see fast results in a short period of time, but what makes YP10 System one of the best weight loss program out there is the “Maintenance Step”. It is during this step that we learn how to stabilize our new weight without fear of gaining it all back.

Maintenance not only provides guidance week by week, food by food, but also helps us recognize how foods effect us individually. For example, pastas affects every one in a different way. There are some that can enjoy pasta very often without gaining weight, and there are others that can only enjoy it once or twice a week. You will not only know when to eat foods, but also how often you can enjoy them. This information will be valuable for living a life of balance.

Tools of Maintenance

Many individuals get nervous as they begin the Maintenance step. The following tools offered during Maintenance makes the process very easy and painless:

1. Daily weight recording

The new goal is to stay within 2 pounds of the final weight after the fat burn step.  As more variety and quantities of foods are introduced, recording daily weight will give an insight on how the body reacts to specific foods.

If there is a weight gain of over 2 lbs, Maintenance provides guidance on how to correct this weight gain. It will also help recognize what caused the weight gain.

Note: We use this tool in a very safe and healthy way during Maintenance. After Maintenance, we encourage to reduce the use of a scale to twice a month.

2. Maintenance Part 1:

This part will guide how to transition more foods into your daily diet slowly while allowing the body to readjust. During this time, a list of approved lean foods and healthy fats will be added to the daily menu while still avoiding sugars, grains and starches.

The goal to Maintenance Part 1 is to reintroduce bigger portions without causing weight gain.

3. Maintenance Part 2

During this time, sugars, grains, and starches are added. Maintenance provides a step by step plan on how to add the foods that tend to result in weight gain for most individuals. This means that you will learn how much and when to eat donuts, pizza, rice, pasta, etc without worrying what the scale will show the next morning.

4. Writing in a journal

As individuals follow the format of the YP10 System(especially during Maintenance), emotions will surface. These emotions will indicate subconscious connections to food. As you go thru this emotional detoxification, the triggers that stimulate you to sabotage yourself with food will be easily recognizable and dealt with.

Writing in a journal how you feel during maintenance will become an extraordinary tool into pinpointing these triggers.

5. Enjoying Foods

By following Maintenance correctly, individuals are amazed at the amount and types of foods that are able to eat and enjoy while maintaining their new weight. This allows for no more frustration during family/friends reunions, holidays and vacations.

You now have in your hands the key “ingredient” to permanent weight loss. The YP10 Weight Loss System has helped over 200,000 individuals lose weight and keep it off. Maintenance is the secret to our great system. It’s what makes YP10 so effective. Our program works no matter age, gender and lifestyle. All that is necessary is to follow the guidelines provided in the YP10 guide, stick to the meal plan, and reach out for support (SlimMe1 coaches are available via email, phone, and Facebook messenger. A private online support group is also available for those wanting to connect with others in the YP10 journey).


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