1. Follow a specialized meal plan for 30 days to improve your metabolism:

By feeding your body meals made of lean protein, low carb fruits, and non-starchy veggies, you will Improve or correct your metabolism to operate efficiently. If you have struggled with slow metabolism or bad eating habits, these 30 days of specialized meals will change this.

2. Create a consistent eating schedule:

One of the many reasons people gain weight is the lack of consistent eating. When the body doesn’t know when food will be provided, it enters a survival mode and starts packing on fat.

By following a meal plan that indicates when and how to eat, your body can be assured that food will be provided and avoid storing fat and also release already stored fat. It’s here where you will start losing inches.

3. Repair the damage of bad eating habits:

The main side-effect of bad eating habits is a slow metabolism and substance dependency like sugar, caffeine, fast foods, and fried foods. The body  will use the 30 days of clean eating to break these and heal from its damage.

4. Ensure your new weight by stabilizing your metabolism:

The main reason people regain lost weight is due to not stabilizing their metabolism to be able to handle harder foods to metabolize like grains, starchy veggies, etc.

In order to keep new weight after a weight loss session, it’s necessary to begin by increasing portions of protein for a week. Then for several weeks, introduce methodically other foods that were avoided during the specialized menu of 30 days.

This will allow the metabolism to know how to properly metabolize these foods without entering into state of shock and store unwanted fat.

5. Create a new lifelong meal plan that works for your body and lifestyle:

During the stabilization of your metabolism, you will notice how your body reacts to specific foods since they will be added in a very specific way.

You will be able to learn which foods make you feel good and which don’t. Also, you will be able to learn which foods affect your weight, and know to avoid them or limit their intake.

By obtaining this knowledge, you will be able to create eating habits that work specifically for your body.

Every person wants a simple way to regain control over their weight

The whole idea behind the YP10 System from SlimMe1 is to help people regain control of their metabolism and their eating habits. People shouldn’t be slaves of their past eating habit mistakes.

By following the YP10 System, you’ll receive the tools necessary to simplify your meals for 30 days allowing you to cleanse, reset, and improve your metabolism. That’s why our founders, Becky and Kevin Kempton, made sure to create a program that left no room for guessing games. It is all laid out for you.

The YP10 Benefits (beside weight loss):

Our SlimMe1 customers report the following after completing the YP10 System:

  • Feeling energize through the entire day without the need to reach for caffeine, energy drinks or sodas.
  • Feeling great, healthy, and better than they have in a very long time
  • Feeling happier, in a better mood
  • Feeling more confident in their own skin
  • Improved and healthier gut, allowing to identify allergies that start in the gut

The YP10 System comes with an easy-to-follow guide that lays out everything you need to do. The YP10 Drops will take your results to a whole new level!

The YP10 drops are made of natural ingredients proven to improve metabolic rates. These ingredients are delivered in an all natural, vegetable, and glycerin base.

YP10 utilize the energetic characteristics of each ingredient through the process called Vibrational Technology:

Hoodia Cactus, Guarana Seed, GymnemaLea, Kelp Thallus, Bladderwrack Thallus, Fennel Seed Gravel Root, Black Walnut Hull, Uva-Ursi Leaf, and Senna Leaf.

$125 ”$157”

Lela (48) is a YP10 System lover!!


When Lela joined the SlimMe1 family, she expressed frustration over doing years and years of  other programs that didn’t work for her. With the years, she noticed that losing weight was becoming harder, and gaining was getting easier. Lela did 3 rounds of the YP10 System, and the results were beyond  what she was expecting.

“The [30 days meal plan] phase really helped me to concentrate on portion sizes….actually tasting the foods themselves instead of them buried in sauces. During [the stabilization stage] I’ve learned that breads are just not my friend, but that once or twice a week, it’s ok to have that sandwich or dinner roll.”

YP10 customers report finding a life-long, lasting  way of eating that allows them to sustain a HEALTHY, BALANCED, and HAPPY life. They’ve learned what works for them during the Metabolic Stabilization (Maintenance) step of the YP10 system. This step is the most important step in avoiding the dreadful yo-yo effect

Our founder, Becky Kempton, created the YP10 System after struggling with her own weight issues. In 2002 her life changed after a late term miscarriage which led to hormone imbalance, depression, bad eating habits, and weight gain. 

After 6 years of research in combination with her 25 years of nutrition knowledge, she was able to create the YP10 System. It has truly been a joy for her to see over 200,000 people finally find control of their weight using her program.

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