5 Eating Habits That Women Can Apply Now That Will Make Them Feel Healthier and Leaner

1. Choose lean proteins for your meals.

Not all proteins are made the same. By sticking to lean proteins you reduce your calorie intake. Some of our favorite lean proteins are: chicken breast, ground beef 93% lean, sirloin tip side steak, tilapia, 3 egg whites with 1 egg yolk, shrimp, bison, etc. There are many options that are easily found in every grocery.

2.  Limit simple carbs to before 3 pm

Limiting simple carbs found in fruits, dairy, white bread, white rice, potatoes etc. to be consumed before 3 pm allows the body to digest them during high activity times. This will ensure you burn those calories up, allowing the body to reach out to your fat storage supply later in the day and in the night.

3. Increase your water intake (oz) to half your body weight in lbs

You have probably heard so many time that water is a must for weight loss, but do you know why? Sometimes people can’t differentiate between hunger and thirst leading them to overeating when they actually needed to drink up.
By drinking half your body weight in water, you are ensuring that your body will stay hydrated and avoiding any confusions.
For example if you weight 160lbs, you need to drink 80 oz of water a day.

4. Determine times that you’ll eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and stay consistent as much as you can.

One of the many reasons people gain weight is the lack of consistent eating. When the body doesn’t know when food will be provided, it enters a survival mode and starts packing on fat.

By training your body when food will be provided, you are ensuring that it will know it has to reach out to its’ fat storage supply. This will increase your weight loss results

5. For 30 days write down how your body feels after each meal.

We know this sounds weird, but writing down if you feel sick, light, heavy, bloated, cranky, etc. after a meal can help determine how specific foods affect your body. For example: we have helped people discover that coffee is actually what causes their gut discomfort and bloating. Others that pork makes them sick, and so on.

Make sure to write down what you ate and how you feel. Use a notebook or your note app in your phone.

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